PlayStation Network UK

A Playstation UK card that gives a world of entertainment. Choose Playstation UK card the denomination £25, £35, 3 month membership prepaid card and 1 year membership prepaid card

PlayStation Network UK secure purchasing

12 Months Subscription PlayStation Network UK Gift Card
QAR 233.97

3 Months Subscription PlayStation Network UK Gift Card
QAR 91.57

£25 PlayStation Network UK Gift Card
QAR 123.10

£35 PlayStation Network UK Gift Card
QAR 175.78

PSN UK in Qatar
Sign in using your PSN account information, and navigate to the account management section.
In ‘Account Management’ look through the menu of options and select ‘Redeem Code’.
You will be redirected to a page with three boxes in which to input the 3 sections of your code. The code you receive will look something like: ABAB-1234-AB56. Each group of letters are separated by a dash, input each group, in order into their respective boxes.
Confirm the code and your account wallet will update with either the funds on the card, or credit your account membership with the subscription time corresponding with the card you purchased from us.

Here is how to setup a PSN UK Account:
Log off your PSN account on your PS4
Choose Create New Account (New User), continue
Select UK as country, enter your details including Email address and password Do not use currently registered email address
You will need an email address that is not currently registered to any other PlayStation IDs, followed by a password.

Enter a UK address
Continue the registration process and you will have a PlayStation UK account. Be ready to redeem your PSN gift cards, and get access to the best UK gaming content on your PlayStation console.